To establish market leadership locally and globally and be competitive through customer orientation and excellence in quality, innovation and technology.
Infrastructure and manufacturing facilities:
  • In -house facility to manufacture wires and cables ; machinery sourced from best known names like Niehoff, Francis Shaw, Meridith, Wardwel etc.
  • Modern wire drawing equipment is used to ensure quality drawn wire goes into wires and cables.
  • Tin coating facility to ensure proper quality of tinned conductors.
  • Extrusion lines suitable to process a wide variety of polymers for insulation and jacket application.
  • Cable twisting and laying machine to undertake back-twist free cabling of multi conductors
  • State –of- the- art wire braiding machines to provide shielding of cables.
  • Steel wire armouring machine for manufacture of UG cables.
  • Induction wire preheating machine to eliminate shrinkage of insulation.
  • Non-contact printing machine for cable marking.
  • Well laid-out factory premises of more than 50000 sq.ft
  • 250 KVA HT power supply backed up with 125 KVA generator for uninterrupted power for critical process like annealing & extrusion.
  • Diligent team of qualified professionals with wide experience in cable technology.
  • Modern testing facilities including Laser controlled diameter controller.
Our Products
We manufacture a wide range of wires and cables for application in most of the industries. Cable configurations include

Assured Quality
Our policy is to provide our customers the best quality at the best price without compromises
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